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You Are A

De Facto Abolitionist

De facto is the fancy Latin way of saying 'in fact.' At the outset of this quiz, you were asked if you opposed all methods of execution. You said you were unsure or that you favored some methods of execution. But when specifically asked if you were okay with either type of lethal injection, the electric chair, the gas chamber, firing squads, single bullets through the head, hanging, beheading, or stoning, you said none of these methods was okay with you. That makes you a death penalty 'abolitionist in fact.'




In the Death Penalty Study, 3.9% of the people were also de facto abolitionists. They joined 22.5% of the people who initially replied that no method of execution was okay. These are absolute abolitionists.

You don't think of yourself as a death penalty abolitionist? To look at the differences between opinions and actions, click here.

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