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OK for Use in U.S. Executions Today?


Popularity of Methods of Execution

Jurors can recommend the sentence of death to a judge, but juries have no say about method of execution used to kill the person they convicted. Methods of execution vary by state. Some states allow the condemned to choose how they wish to be put to death. In the Death Penalty Study, those who favored one or more methods of execution (or were unsure) were asked about 11 different methods. 

A majority of pro-death penalty supporters indicates that they were OK with two types of lethal injection. About a third were OK with the electric chair and gas chamber. 

Only 20% were OK with executions using bullets. Less popular was long-drop hanging. Short-drop hanging (strangulation) and the guillotine were OK with about 10% of pro-death penalty people. 

Least popular were beheading with a sword and stoning.


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