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Amazon Review: This book is the final product of the "excellence project"--a comprehensive research effort commissioned by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Research Foundation. Going well beyond any of the previously published reports on the Excellence study, this book contains many new statistical analyses of the survey data and more details from the case studies. Discussing theory and data related to several ongoing discussions in the communication profession, this book answers the following questions:


  • How can we show the value of public relations?

  • What is the value of relationships?

  • How do relationships affect reputation?

  • What does it mean to practice communication strategically?

  • How can we measure and evaluate the effects of public relations programs?

  • Should communication programs be integrated?

  • How does the new female majority in the profession affect communication Excellence?


This book, as well as the research it reports, is the product of symmetrical communication and collaboration. As such, it is intended for scholars, applied researchers, students, and informed professionals who understand the value of research in developing a profession, such as public relations. Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods will make it easier to understand the book; however, the results are interpreted in a way that makes the analyses understandable even to those with little or no knowledge of statistics and research methods.

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