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You Are A

Soft Abstract Supporter

A Soft Abstract Supporter of the death penalty is somebody who supports capital punishment in the abstract but wants nothing to do with the concrete execution of a condemned man or woman. You showed your support for the death penalty by reporting that at least one method of execution was okay with you.


You were selected to serve on a death penalty jury. During the first vote, you voted for the death penalty. Others favored life in prison. In the end, however, all 12 jurors recommended the death penalty. The judge sentenced the man you convicted to death. Later, you are invited to attend the man's execution. You indicated that you were "not at all" likely to attend.


You are grouped as 'soft' on capital punishment because, while you can vote to execute somebody, you are unwilling to witness the actual killing of the person you convicted.


In the Death Penalty Study, 22.6% of the people were (like you) Soft Abstract Supporters. On the jury in the study, 77.6% of Soft Abstract Supporters also voted (like you) for the death penalty on the first round of voting.

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