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You Are An


An Executioner is someone who supports capital punishment, qualifies to serve on a death penalty jury, recommends the death penalty to the judge, and is willing to attend the condemned man's execution. Moreover, if given the chance, an Executioner is actually willing to personally kill the condemned man ('push the button'), rather than watch somebody else do it. (Those who convict and are willing to watch but not 'push the button' are called Hard Abstract Supporters.) 


You showed your support for the death penalty by reporting that at least one method of execution was okay with you. You were selected to serve on a death penalty jury. During the first vote, you voted for life in prison. Others favored the death penalty. In the end, however, all 12 jurors recommended the death penalty. The judge sentenced the man you convicted to death. Later, you are invited to attend the man's execution. You indicated that you were likely to attend.

You were asked to 'imagine that you are given the chance to push the button ('throw the switch') that actually executes (kills) this murderer you convicted. What do you imagine you would do?' You said, 'YES I would push the execution button.' In this regard, you are the most consistent group that purports to support capital punishment. You 'walk the talk.'


IIn the Death Penalty Study, 18.1% of the people were Executioners like you. This group in the study had the fewest number of people. On the jury in the study, only 14.8% of Executioners (like you) voted for life in prison on the first round of voting.

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