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Death Penalty Is Unfair & Immoral


Two Distinct But Connected Belief Systems

In the Death Penalty Study, researchers examined 15 opinions about the death penalty. Using advanced statistics, researchers identified three 'clusters' of opinions that make up three distinct belief systems about the death penalty.

The second and third systems of belief oppose the death penalty but for different reasons. The opinions in blue reflect anti-death penalty beliefs based on the unfairness of the death penalty. The opinions in green focus on the perceived inherent immorality of the death penalty. The numbers in blue show how well each opinion measures the Death Penalty Unfairness belief system; the higher the number, the better the opinion measures the belief. The numbers in green show how well those 4 opinions measure the Death Penalty Immorality belief system. The black number (58) indicates that the two belief systems are highly related to each other (correlated). 



The Eta Squared between the two belief systems is .34, a very large effect size. (Eta Squared=.25 is considered a large effect size.) Knowing that a person considers the death penalty unfair is a strong predictor that the same person also considers the death penalty immoral (and vice versa).

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