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Actions, Not Opinions


Vicarious Sadism Among Different Execution Actors

Although 78% of Soft Abstract Supporters voted to execute the man they convicted on the death penalty jury, these abstract supporters recoil from vicarious sadism. Their agreement with vicarious sadism opinions (only 3%) is significantly lower than that of Abolitionists, who reject all methods of execution. Hard Abstract Supporters (those willing to witness the execution of the man they convicted) are significantly more prone to vicarious sadism than Soft Abstract Supporters and Abolitionists. 

However, the people most prone to vicarious sadism by large margins are Executioners. Not only would they attend the execution of the man they convicted on the mock jury—as well as 'push the button' to kill him—they also welcome large crowds to witness executions and favor televising executions live. For a more technical explanation of the statistical tests conducted, click here.


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