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Amazon Review by Eric Barnes: What a handy guide for public relations research! Broom and Dozier have created a magnificent book that focuses specifically on how scientific research can be applied to public relations practices. Using Research in Public Relations establishes the field as an applied behavioral science by providing for readers the latest scientific methods to survey public opinion, conduct formal and informal research, analyze relationships between variables, and many other public relations tasks. Furthermore, the appendices complement the chapters by providing for readers tips and applications of chapter concepts to real-life situations. And Broom and Dozier certainly did not forget to say a word or two about the all-important ethics in public relations research. One fact I must admit, however, is that much of the information contained within this book is a little difficult to comprehend at first glance, especially for those who claimed a communications or public relations major as a way to avoid math classes. Many of the terms in this book can also be found in a statistics book. Regardless, because we are living in an era where research is an essential component of public relations, there is no better guide you could possibly ask for!

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