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Executions With Firearms


Differences Among Execution Actors

Firing squads and firing a single bullet through the back of the head are two overtly violent and bloody methods of execution. Firing squads involve killing by aiming multiple rifles at a target over the heart of the condemned. If the shooters are accurate, the heart stops in about 30 seconds. The brain dies shortly after. Like all methods of execution, firing squads are not 'glitch-free.' The state of Utah uses this method of execution. A single bullet through the back of the head is used in the People's Republic of China. As with hangings, Executioners  are significantly more favorable than abstract supporters (soft and hard) to both methods of executions that involve shooting the condemned to death. Hard Abstract Supporters  are significantly more favorable than Soft Abstract Supporters to the use of firearms in executions. For more technical information on the statistical tests, click here.


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